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Mancala Instructions

Collect the most gemstones by the end of the game.

Mancala board, 48 multi-colored stones.

Set Up
4 gemstones are placed in each of the 12 inner pockets.

The gameboard is placed between both players. The 6 pockets in front of you make up your playing area. The large pocket, called the Mancala, to your right is yours. The other is your opponent's.

One player starts the game by removing the stones in any one of his own pockets and placing one in each pocket, starting with the next pocket to the right. Include your Mancala as a space as you place the stones in the pockets.

If there are enough stones to go past your Mancala, continue placing them into your oppenent's pockets. However, skip his Mancala when placing stones.

If your last stone ends up in your Mancala, you get to take another turn. In illustration 1, Player A has emptied his #3 pocket and the last stone ended up in his Mancala, allowing him to take another turn.

If the last stone you place lands in an empty pocket on your side of the board, you get to take that stone, plus all of your opponent's stones that are in the opposite pocket, and place them in your own Mancala if the opponent's pocket is not empty. Your turn then ends and the next player goes.

Ending and Winning the Game
The game ends when all six pockets on one side of the gameboard are empty. The other player takes the remaining stones in his pockets and places them in his Mancala. The player who has the most stones in his Mancala wins.

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